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A collaborative and agile tool built for operational teams.

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Mobile, desktop and touch screen.
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Simpler and more efficient.

fabriq is an end-to-end problem solving tool, from occurence to solution.
Escalate issues to relevant teams to reduce time to solution.
One-day setup and training for your teams to get started with fabriq.
Link performance data to operational issues and drive continuous improvement.

How fabriq works.

Signal an issue

Escalate issues quickly and directly from the field.

Monitor ongoing issues

Visually manage priorities and assign issues to an owner with a due date.

Drive your task plan

Ensure each issue is solved by assigning corrective tasks to ticket assignees.

Track your KPIs

Display KPIs in real-time, link them to operational issues and progressively build a valuable knowledge base.

Enrich content

Add contextual information to your issues and tasks:
  • Media, memos, reports, e-mails, etc.
  • Custom KPIs and key word tags

Why fabriq?

Accelerate problem solving ability and durably improve operational efficiency.
Keep historical data and build a relevant and everyday accessible knowledge base for your operationnal teams.
Engage your teams in your continuous improvement process with a modern, sleek, and intuitive tool.
Link issues and tasks to performance data.

Built for industry 4.0

Our mission is to boost industrial productivity through human-centric technology.

Our customers

fabriq was designed in close collaboration with industrial leaders and is already use by 4 customers in diverse sectors of industry.

The team

fabriq is a young team of experienced entrepreneurs coming from both the tech and industrial worlds. We work in close partnership with Opeo, a leading French operational firm with deep industrial expertise.

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We want to build tomorrow's productivity tool for operational teams.
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